CMH Park

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The highlight of the park is the city’s only outdoor vertical garden. This has been created to highlight the need for more greenery and how you could actually get the outdoor, indoors. With natural foliage Cornerstone has created a living wall that actually improves the quality of air around it. The corporate colors of Cornerstone are highlighted by this wall.

The sound of a water fountain soothes frayed nerves, set in between the backdrop of greenery, the designer has played with the existing topography of the park to set it in a natural enclave that blends in harmony with the foliage surrounding it.


Another interesting feature is a root stump of a tree that the architects and designers of the project decided to restore. Roots are often the most neglected part of the trees and encroachment and asphalting over the roots have let to many a tree being uprooted.


The park has an exclusive space for senior citizens –to get together for an evening of reminiscing. In fact, it even overlooks the children’s play area, allowing doting seniors to watch over the little ones at play while they catch up with a friend.


The children’s play area has all those little activities that can keep children occupied for hours on end. Rest assured these are safe and the play area is padded in a unique rubberized flooring to provide tumbling children with a safe cushion to land on.


You will find stone pillars placed close to the senior citizen area that are a throwback to ancient times in history and symbolize standing the test of time. The wind chimes in the trees give you a feeling of peace when you are here.

Thippasandra Market

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The biggest marker of Thippasandra is its vibrant main road. The stretch, all the way from BEML Gate on Suranjan Das Road to Indiranagar 80 ft Road at the other end, is lined with shops and vegetable vendors.

It will bring a sense of nostalgia about a less vibrant native place. To Thippasandra’s residents, this 20-year-old market offers almost everything they need and is a “home for health”.

Spread out along the New Thippasandra Main Road and spilling over onto a parallel road, are vegetable vendors, fruit and flower sellers, stationery, condiment and confectionery stores, and kiranas.

The big air-conditioned stores that have opened here in the last few years do not satisfy the desire for fresh vegetables. There is a human touch to shopping here and a promise of quality.

Indiranagar Sangeet Sabha

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Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha is situated in Indiranagar, Bangalore, also known as the IT Capital of India. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka boasts of a rich cultural tradition which has traditionally anchored music dance and drama. With this background the Sabha, since its founding in early 1986, has actively engaged itself in the promotion of classical music and dance. A registered trust that was authored by Late Sri A. Alagappan, a leading industrialist and a band of dedicated trustees, the Sabha currently has over 610 members. For more than 25 years, the Sabha has been instrumental in filling a cultural vacuum in the eastern part of Bangalore city.

Deenabandhu Temple

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Deenabandhu Lord Krishna - the Lord of Compassion, presides in the "Temple of the Healer" at Indira Nagar, Bangalore. His benign grace and bountiful blessings have been flowing to His devotees since its consecration by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda in 1978. In the idol of Deenabandhu, the devotees invoke the healing powers (in the Doctors) and the curative powers (in the patients) of the Lord. Lord Krishna as Kaliya Mardana is dancing on the seven-hooded serpent Kaliya. The seven hoods represent Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachment), Mada (pride), Matsarya (stinginess) and Ahamkara (the feeling of "I"/"Me"). We can, with constant and complete surrender to the Lord, crush and overcome all negative tendencies in us and in due course come to realise the Supreme Brahman. Explaining the symbolism of Kaliya Mardana, Swami Chinmayananda said: "Krishna is dancing on the serpent (the ego) which spits forth the poison (vasanas) in our life stream. The Lord's dance within the body removes the poison.

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